Saturday, August 19, 2006


At least make up a goodbye
Leave me with a little bit of pride
When your standing next to him
I’ll know it is the end
And at least I’ll know you gave it a try

When you leave, please exit with a kiss
So when your gone I can feel you on my lips
I can taste your little laugh
feel the way you used to trap
every thought on your fingertips

Validate me please before you go
So when I see you on the street at least I’ll know
All the love you threw away
like the afternoon lemonade
left to glisten in the sun’s orange glow.

And maybe one day I’ll forget
Everything you ever said.
or maybe I’ll just keep it in my head
to ponder on a rainy day
I hope it washes you away
and leaves someone else with the remains

At least make up a goodbye
Just so he’ll know you tried
And when your walking away
he’ll wish that you would stay
but not for long, not for long

So at least make up a goodbye.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Heart On A Wire

She said its not my fault
Its just a matter of time
Cause I still see the moon tonight
and summers still alive
And nothing really matters now
Im just stuck in between
Everybody’s running somewhere
and I just cant leave.

Its over she said
there’s nothing you can do
I’m leaving for the coast tonight
I gotta see something blue

She left me a letter
full of heartache and goodbyes
I think I cried that night
or at least I know I tried

So why are you running?
Why don’t you stay?
My hearts on a wire now
and I cant break these chains
So why don’t you come home
To this paper town
I’ll write you a love song
We can burn it down.

So wont you come home
wont you come home
wont you come home
I’m begging
Wont you come home
wont you come home now
Cause I miss you
Oh I miss you

So tonight will be my penance
for all this pain Ive felt
Might drive down to Houston
just to find myself
maybe I’ll write a book
of everything ive seen
Or maybe just fall asleep

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Change, Smiles, and Stars

There are times in life where evrything just feels right. Not necessarily perfect or amazing but right. It's those times that I wouldnt trade for anything. Sure the whole world doesnt come to a stand still at these moments but in your head you know that this is how it should all be. This is where I happen to be right now. Even in the midst of a lot of major changes everything just feel's right. Like that one perfect night when you stand outside on a cloudless day and look up just in time to see a shooting star streak across the sky. Thats where i am. I'm watching that star go by and it helps me know that even though things are different, this is how they should be. Is this where i expected to be in August of 2006? Well frankly, no. But i wouldnt change things for the world.I'm just gonna wait for the star to pass by again and hope the wish that I made comes true. Who knows, maybe there is something out there that God is still trying to show me that I have yet to see. He's shown me a lot lately. Whether its new experiences, new friends, new lifestyle, or someone who makes me smile just by looking at me or simply by me thinking about her. It's all amazing and I cant believe that it's happening to me at this moment in my life. It only goes to prove that no matter what you think, God has bigger plans for you. The change resumes tomorrow morning. I'm anxious and ready for what He has for me. It's gonna be an amazing ride.